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The industry leader in its field for many years, RECYKINFO is a company that specializes in the collection, recuperation and recycling of technology waste. We recycle electronic equipment waste (WEEE), and all types of metal. The management and recycling of technology waste is a complex process because of the variety of components involved. RECYKINFO recuperates and recycles technology waste in an intelligent manner, without posing any danger to the environment. To ensure the correct processing of WEEE, RECYKINFO takes care of the disassembly and sorting of technology equipment. Certain components are set aside to be processed by our certified partners.


“Despite our small size and limited budget, RECYKINFO is our choice for recycling outdated equipment. The RECYKINFO team offers the highest level of service and professionalism.”

“I was impressed with the speed and availability of RECYKINFO's staff.”

“We are fully satistifed with the service at RECYKINFO.”

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