Certified Destruction of Recalled Products

Certified Destruction of Recalled Products

We offer the following product recall services to our corporate customers:

Brand Protection

We fully understand the potential damage to your brand that can be caused by defective, off-spec, returned or out dated merchandise. Landfill is not the solution and you need protection from possible black-market sales. We can respond immediately by instantly accepting all returned products and effectively destroying them. We provide excellent customer service both to you and your customer. We work seamlessly with retailers and manufacturers to help them provide an environmentally friendly way to destroy and get rid of any type of product.

Complete Tracking and Inventory

We have developed a comprehensive tracking and inventory system. We can track customer return information and product serial numbers and correlate that to the actual product destruction. We can fulfill any corporate tracking and destruction requirements.

Certified Destruction

We can rapidly and securely destroy any quantity of products for our customers? Access to our facility is controlled and monitored with alarms and CCTV and Web Cam. Premises can be completely locked down depending on our client’s requirements. All of our employees undergo a background check, sign a confidentiality agreement and are thoroughly trained in security procedures. Customers can view the destruction remotely via a dedicated IP address Web Cam or we can make a DVD of the shredding process for compliance purposes. Our Certificates of Destruction suffice in all situations.


“Despite our small size and limited budget, RECYKINFO is our choice for recycling outdated equipment. The RECYKINFO team offers the highest level of service and professionalism.”

“I was impressed with the speed and availability of RECYKINFO's staff.”

“We are fully satistifed with the service at RECYKINFO.”

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