Just like recycling household goods, recycling WEEE preserves the environment by reducing the quantity of toxic products that are released by all the different electronics and technology components that pile up on a daily basis in landfills.

It’s with this vision of social consequences on future generations that RECYKINFO has made the environmental question its priority. The mission that RECYKINFO pursues on one hand is to collect and recycle WEEE, but on the other hand, to raise the awareness of companies and the public of the importance of recycling regularly.

RECYKINFO is convinced that it is crucial to understand that actions taken today will have incalculable environmental, economic, and social consequences on future generations. Additionally, not only does each decision taken in favour of recycling consist of a positive move that is non-negligible for the future of our society, but it is necessary that each individual succeeds in permanently modifying the habits of their daily life.

With this in mind, RECYKINFO is determined to use its services to raise awareness, to encourage, and to help companies as well as households recycle electronic waste.