Removal and Disposal for your Computers and Electronics

We also provide de-installation, removal and recycling services for:

  • Servers all models
  • Main Frame
  • Robotic Tape Libraries
  • Telecom equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Network equipment
  • Broadcast equipment

We also offer the following services:

  • Certified disconnection
  • Total dismantling
  • Complete removal and clean up
  • Recycling of all metal and plastics
  • Certified Disconnection

We bring in certified electricians and technicians who will insure that your equipment has been completely shut off from all power sources and complete removal of these pieces from your building.

Total Dismantling

Our highly skilled employees will come to your site and carefully dismantle any large electronic pieces and remove all cables. We have experience with tape libraries, servers of any kind, telecom equipment, mainframes, laboratories and production equipment and we provide our own tools and equipment. Our reliable employees have all been screened with complete background checks. They will do their utmost not to disturb your on-going operations during this process. We are insured against any liability.

Complete Removal and Clean Up

We vigilantly take away all the pieces that we have dismantled. We carefully remove them from your facility without scratching walls and floors. Our moving equipment has rubber wheels to protect your facility. Our trucks have automatic lift gates so we can accommodate any dock height or commercial building. After we have completed the removal, our employees return to do a thorough cleaning of the area where the equipment was housed, removing residual stains and marks.


In keeping with our landfill-free commitment and our corporate mission of diverting materials from landfills, we will recycle all metal and plastic.