What do we do with the technology hardware that is thrown out when a company is upgrading? How are a cell phone, personal computer and other technology and communication items disposed of when we want to update to the most recent models?
Did you know that in North America, companies and citizens are responsible for their waste?

Because it deals in household or technology waste, recycling proves to be an essential act in taking an environmentally friendly step, minimizing harmful effects on the environment and assuring a healthier future.

Do you have your own fleet of trucks or a carrier company, or do you prefer to bring your items directly to our dismantling site in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu? No problem! Contact us to schedule your delivery.

A computer database allows us to track the origin and status of each shipment throughout the process. Finally, if required we give our customers a certificate of disposal which summarizes the content and weight recycled.

Finally, we give our customers a certificate of disposal which summarizes content by content the weight recycled. At Recykinfo, we are proud to offer you a service for lasting development; indeed, the waste separation that we operate allows us to not mix toxic products with neutral products.

RECYKINFO works side by side with companies and individuals to collect all their computer electronics in a manner that is socially responsible. Instead of throwing them away and contaminating landfill sites, just call RECYKINFO, WE will collect and recycle WEEE in a way that completely ecologically friendly and in favour of Social consequences on future generations.