Throughout the years, many companies have become more aware of their daily actions in order to help preserve the environment. Recycling household materials is better developed and more popular than even before. Along with domestic recycling, it is important to recycle technology, computer, and electronic equipment waste (WEEE).

Comparing the useful life of a computer to that of something like a banana is irrelevant because technology is constantly improving, and companies as well as individuals are compelled to frequently upgrade their electronics.

For example, we estimate that today, of all the computers used throughout the world, with 200 million in the United States, 30 million are thrown directly into landfill each year. According to the International Association of Electronics Recyclers, if this pattern continues, by 2010 there will be three billion pieces of potentially toxic electronics in landfill.

In the long term, the effects of this type of pollution will be extremely harmful to the environment and it will have a irreversible impact on our lives. Currently, recycling WEEE require major investments in terms of time and money, a cost that neither companies nor citizens can take on alone especially since recycling these materials requires an acute expertise and precise knowledge of the material.

This is the reason RECYKINFO developed its expertise and its own vision of sustainable development by offering collection and recycling services for WEEE for companies and individuals.